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You should start the process of choosing a college with a careful look at yourself, not with a list of colleges. For it is your own assessment of your interests, attitudes and abilities that is central to finding a college. Why? Because the purpose of college hunting is to find the right match between you and your eventual college choice.

Many students want to start their search by looking at specific colleges. This sounds good, perhaps, but it is a faulty strategy. Before you start poring over viewbooks and catalogs from colleges, you want to examine yourself as a person and as a student. Such an appraisal will yield data about yourself that will allow you to move with confidence and greater knowledge to the next stages of finding a college.

Respond carefully to these questions about your educational attitudes, goals and perspectives. Be truthful and genuine and answer each question. Keep in mind, there are no “correct” responses.

For each item, select the appropriate answer category: “strongly agree,” “agree,” “lean toward disagree” or “disagree.” Even if you are unsure of an answer, or your response falls somewhere between two categories, you can only select one answer per question.

Complete each part of this 10-part quiz in numerical order. JavaScript is required and cookies need to be enabled in order to receive your quiz scores.

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